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Help Topic: Stoxnet Content Rules

This page gives more details on what is and is not acceptable content on Stoxnet, what happens if anyone chooses to ignore these rules, and how the rules will be applied. The vast majority of members never need even look at this page, but it has to exist, just in case. We apologise for the abrupt, formal style of some of the following, but it is really the only way to do it.

Acceptable Forum Content
  • News, views and personal opinions relating to BriSCA F1 Racing are welcome , providing these are not expressed in a way which contravenes any of the Unacceptable Content rules below.
  • To ensure fairness for all members, Off Topic (O/T) Items are no longer welcome on Stoxnet all topics should be related in some way to F1 Racing. (Some limited off-topic posting vaguely connected to F1 might be allowed in the closed season when there's not much else to talk about).
  • Stoxnet does not carry advertisements, so please don't ask. The For Sale & Wanted Section is solely for the use of members to advertise their personal items; it is not the place to be advertising your business.
Unacceptable Forum Content
  • Swearing, even where words are disguised using other symbols instead of letters.
  • Personal insults, Abusive or threatening remarks, and any comments which may be considered harassing, vulgar, crude, sexist, racist, homophobic or otherwise offensive.
  • Personal banter between limited numbers of members please use your favourite social networking website instead.
  • Clan wars of any kind Stoxnet recognises the contribution made to our Sport by ALL drivers, and we will not tolerate any personal attacks on Teams or Families.
  • Any comment which may be considered libellous, defamatory, unlawful or which in any way implies any connection with, or contains links to, unlawful activities, substances or AUTOMATICALLY DELETED WORDographic material.
  • Any content which may provoke other forum members, or disrupt the operation of the forum.
  • Any content which may be interpreted as discrediting Stoxnet, the Sport, its Participants, Supporters or Promoters.
  • Any post containing any material which you do not own without the express permission of the owner of the material.
  • Any post containing unsubstantiated hearsay, gossip, or rumour which, by it's presence on Stoxnet, may cause distress to any party, may damage the reputation and credibility of any party, or which may mislead other members or guests.
  • Any content which generally could be interpreted as inappropriate, irrelevant, offensive, disruptive or damaging to the reputation of any party or individual.
  • Photos or videos of incidents in which people are seriously injured, or worse, are considered to be in bad taste and will be removed.
  • 'Spamming' the Forum, or any particular thread, with multiple posts of a trivial nature, which serve no purpose and contain no meaningful information, or by reposting previously deleted comments.
  • Posting results in any Results thread before those providing the full Results Service have had an opportunity to do so.
  • Advertisements for commercial ventures or products.
  • Any posts which are critical of other Stox Forums.
Managing Forum Content
  • Any Posts which we consider to be in breach of the above rules may be removed without warning, so please consider the rules before you post.
  • Any Posts which are the subject of any complaint or are reported via the Report Button may be removed without warning.
  • Any Member posting an unacceptable message may be suspended from the Forum. Repeat offences following re-instatement will result in permanent removal.
  • Any Member who repeatedly posts unacceptable content will have their Membership terminated.
  • Multiple accounts are not welcome here. Any Member found to have registered more than one account without express prior permission will to have their right to post removed
Right of Appeal
  • Anonymous Members none. If you hide behind a false identity, you have no appeal rights whatsoever. Sorry.
  • Known Members - may appeal Suspensions only, via E-MAIL ONLY to admin@stoxnet.com. We'll reply to you as soon as we can - usually within five working days. There is no right of appeal if your membership has been terminated for repeated posting of unacceptable content.

Application of Content Rules
  • The Stoxnet Forum is reactively moderated. It is impossible for us to monitor the Forum 24 hours per day, and we may ask others to help with the process.
  • We ask all responsible Forum members to help us to run the forum by using the Report Button to highlight any content which you consider inappropriate, or in breach of Content Guidelines.
  • No failure to remove any particular material constitutes an endorsement or acceptance of it by Stoxnet.
  • By becoming a member of Stoxnet, you agree that any Claim or Proceedings arising from any Content added by you, will be a claim against you and you alone, and that Stoxnet has no responsibility for any Content provided by you. You also agree that Stoxnet may disclose any of your personal details to any third parties making such a Claim or initiating Proceedings as a result of any content added by you.
Managing Stoxnet Membership

Please note the following points regarding Stoxnet membership:

  • Accounts which remain unused (i.e. - you haven't posted or logged into your account) for more than 6 months may be deleted.
  • We are sorry but permanently suspended accounts cannot be re-instated under any circumstances except for the provision a Doctors letter confirming your temporary insanity at the time of your suspension.

Page updated 03/13